Saturday, October 26, 2013

November Learning Event - Revit Multi-Discipline Collaboration

Come join us on Thursday, November 21st from 6-8 pm at Ranken Technical College as we explore the word "Collaboration" and how it applies to a Revit based project environment.

The format for this meeting is a Q & A panel discussion with a twist. Instead of the audience asking questions of the panel, the panel will be posing questions to the audience! These questions will be posed as issues and items that have been encountered in the process of collaboration with other Revit users, and have identified a process or workflow that should be discussed or managed during the project.  For example, "Why do my engineers complain when I delete and replace a ceiling?"

The goal is to develop a document of best practices and techniques for Revit Collaboration and distribute these findings so that we can work together more effectively and efficiently.

So come join us and bring your input and ideas on issues and techniques that you have encountered when working with others in a Revit based project environment.

Please click here to RSVP for the event.

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