Monday, May 05, 2014

April Learning Event Follow Up - Family Resources

Thank you to all who attended the April learning event.  As noted at the event, here are some additional resources on family creation best practices and techniques.
Please email us if you have any questions or comments on this information.

Revit Family Creation Resources

St. Louis Revit Users Group Family Introduction Handout

Revit 2012 Family Standards and Best Practices - CAD Technology Center - Shawn Zirbes
Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2013 Families - Little Details Count - Michael Anonuevo
Revit 2014 BIM Management: Template and Family Creation - Ascent
Renaissance Revit: Creating Classical Architecture with Modern Software - Paul Aubin

Formulas in Revit Families - Revit
Revit OpEd - Blog - Steve Stafford - Search for "Family"
Nested Families and Family Type Parameter - CADsoft Consulting
Nested Families and Parameter Controls - AUGI - Cassandra Watts
Parametric Array in Family - YouTube
Simply Complex - Blog - Marcello Sgambelluri - Revit Family/Modeling Master
Revit OpEd Post on MEP Connectors - Steve Stafford
Revit MEP blog post on Revit MEP Connectors - Scott Brisk

Autodesk University Classes (create free account for access)
AB1518-L: Autodesk Revit Families: The Basics (2012) - Frank Sheiakh
AB2083-L: Autodesk Revit Families: Step-by-Step Advanced Concepts (2012) - Paul Aubin
AB2100: All in the Family: Creating Parametric Components in Autodesk Revit (2012) - Matthew Dillon
MP1477-L: Faster Families for Autodesk Revit MEP (2012) - David Butts
MP6600: Autodesk Revit Parameters: Much More Than Flexible Families (2012) - Jarrod Baumann
AB2623: Triage for your Autodesk Revit Family (2012) - Shawn Zirbes
MP5319: Get Connected: Autodesk Revit MEP Connectors Demystified (2011) - Shawn Zirbes
ME204-3: Getting into the Flow: Understanding Connectors in Revit MEP - Link not on AU website

Tutorial Sites
Revit Architecture: The Family Editor - Paul Aubin -
Revit Families Workshop - Eric Wing -
Family Basics in Revit: Making a Casework Family - Brian DeYoung - Black Spectacles
Advanced Family Topics in Revit - Brian DeYoung - Black Spectacles

Autodesk Resources
Autodesk Revit Wiki - Creating Loadable Families Topic
Families - Essential Skills Video
Model versus Annotation Elements - Essential Skills Video