Wednesday, August 07, 2013

November Meeting - Revit Multi-discipline Collaboration

Webster defines collaboration as "to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor".  This is not an easy topic in the AEC industry, and pages upon pages of information exist on the best ways to collaborate and coordinate a set of design documents.  But throw the term BIM or Revit into the mix, and this discussion becomes all the more complicated. The topic can become overwhelming very quickly.
 At the November meeting of the St. Louis Revit Users Group, we will be looking at what collaboration means in the world of multi-discipline Revit projects.  We want to know what questions you have regarding this topic and we want to try and answer them all.  Our meeting will be half a discussion on tools and techniques that can be used to tackle this daunting task, and the other half will be answering your questions regarding this topic. We want to answer all questions, so we are gathering information in the form below. If your question is not covered at the meeting, we will still try and answer them all via email.  And as always we will share all of these questions and answers on this page or on our AUGI User Group page.

Please submit your questions in this form.

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