Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1st Annual Central States Revit Workshop

I recently (Sept. 21st and 22nd) attended the first annual Central States Revit Workshop in Omaha, Nebraska.  This event was coordinated and hosted by the Revit Users Group of Omaha (RUGON), and is an inspiration as to the type and quality of event that a well organized and motivated users group can organize and deliver. Carla Edwards, of Leo A. Daley was the driving force behind the organization of this event, and she and her committee did an amazing job in bringing an AU or RTC quality event to their region.  Carla was inspired by the RTC event she attended in Huntington Beach, California in 2011, and saw a need and desire to bring that level of a learning event to the Revit users in her area.  Complete with top-notch presenters such as Paul Aubin, Steve Stafford, Joe Eichenseer, Zach Kron, Shawn Zirbes, William Spier, Jason Gardner and others, along side the amazing RUGON committee sharing their wisdom presenting classes; I left this workshop with lots of incredible ideas, techniques and tools to bring back and introduce in my firm. The workshop was sponsored by great companies and organizations such as Imaginit Technologies, CADLearning, SDS/2, ARC, Trelligence and the awesomeness that is Lonnie and Bill from BIM9.  My hat is off to the wonderful people of the RUGON committee and their sponsors who dedicated their time an effort to put on such a great event. Keep an eye out for this event next year, because nowhere else can you find that quality of a training event for such an affordable price ($250).  There was also some initial discussion as to broaden this event out to more of a true "Central States" Workshop, by rotating the responsibility of the workshop to different host cities and user groups in the midwest for coming years.   I believe that this should be a goal for the STLRUG to shoot for as we re-launch. Hopefully we can work out some more details on this as I continue to collaborate with other successful users groups such as RUGON and KCRUG. See the RUGON website for more details and links from Central States Revit Workshop.

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